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We know how to help you with your next Internet of Things project. Setup your IoT project by your own thanks to’s step by step free online tutorials.

Whether you are beginner or experienced, we’ll help you with useful information and tips to make your IoT project working.

To get started immediately, check our hassle-free kits with a choice among different pre-installed open-source operating systems such as Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu and Home Assistant.

Get awesome Raspberry Pi kits and other cool IoT products

The unique 3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases developed by will fulfill with ease all the needs of your IoT project:

  • best passive and active cooling on the market
  • some cases have an integrated SSD-slot
  • accessible GPIO-pins
  • and much more cool features.

Besides our selfmade 3D-printed parts, we carefully select the best components to offer highly qualitative kits at an affordable price.

No matter if your project is Arduino based or Raspberry Pi based, we have some cool stuff for you available in our shop.

Check Wikipedia to know what Internet of things (IoT) exactly means.

Raspberry Pi 5 NVMe with Home Assistant or Raspberry Pi OS

The Raspberry Pi 5 with NVMe SSD =

supercharged performance !

This kit comes fully assembled with preinstalled

Raspberry Pi OS or Home Assistant

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