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Raspberry Pi 4B case with fan
If you are struggling to keep your Pi’s CPU cool, mounting a fan could be the relief you're looking for ...
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In this short tutorial we'll see where to place the heatsinks on the Raspberry Pi 4 B. After completed this ...
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Raspberry Pi Fixed USB port name
If you have multiple devices connected to the USB ports of your Raspberry PI, the automatically assigned USB names could ...
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Raspberry Pi photo-resistor light sensor
In this tutorial we use a photo-resistor light sensor to measure the intensity of ambient light. Find out with a ...
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Raspberry Pi buzzer melody
In this tutorial we learn how a buzzer can play music notes. See how easy it is to play a ...
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What’s the largest cost in your operations budget after labor ?

Energy !

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Professional advice for your IoT project


Do you have a brilliant idea where IoT helps to realize it? But you don’t know where to start or which technology is the most appropriate.

Get a professional and independent advice from a specialist. We know how to help you with your project.

After a first meeting you’ll have a good idea which way to go. No charges will be incurred for this first meeting.

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