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Raspberry Pi first start

In this tutorial we’ll see how to install Raspian on your Raspberry Pi, starting from a micro-SD card preloaded with NOOBS. Once you have completely followed this tutorial, your Raspberry Pi has been started and you are ready to continue working on it.


Connect all components to your Raspberry Pi (end with the power supply):

  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • Insert the micro-SD card (already preloaded with NOOBS)
  • A monitor or TV (supporting HDMI video)
  • An ethernet cable (optional)

When all components are connected:

  • plug in the power supply to start (make sure it’s powerful enough ex.: 2500mA)

If necessary, have a look at our tutorial ” Raspberry Pi 3 B+ hardware setup” for more information.
And if you miss one of the components, do not hesitate to visit our shop .

Selecting the OS

Once started, you should see following screen:

Select Raspbian (first of the list) and click on “Install”.

Launching the installation

In the next screen you’ll have to confirm: click “Yes”

This launches the installation procedure which takes several minutes.

You can follow the progress on the screen. Don’t worry if the system gets stick a while at “100%”. Just be patient.

When the installation is completed, your Raspberry will reboot automatically.

You should see following screen:

Congratulations, you made it! In the next tutorial we’ll see how to setup the basic configurations.

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