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freva.com is an engineering company which develops and manufactures IoT (Internet of Things) products and services to set up a user-friendly IoT application at a competitive price.

Our main activities are:

  • Consultancy to organisations who want to take advantage of the IoT
  • Sale of user-friendly IoT-kits and -services.

About the founder

Frederic Vanvolsem
The company has been founded by Frederic Vanvolsem in 2017. Frederic is an experienced engineer and had the opportunity to work during more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry. Always being passionate about the latest technological developments, Frederic is continuously updating and improving his technical know-how. Considering his life’s passions and acquired skills, the deep interest in the wonderful world of IoT came totally naturally.

Our mission

Improve our quality of life thanks to the Internet of Things.

We make this technology accessible to anyone:

  • finding out which technology is the most appropriate for each application
  • assembling the necessary electronic components and accessories
  • developing tailor made software solutions

Thanks to our work, using or setting up your IoT application becomes a breeze.

Company information

freva.com SPRL
Tir aux Pigeons 85
1150 Brussels

+32 476 681 481
[email protected]
VAT: BE0675880162
IBAN: BE15 7360 3528 5230

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