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How we respond to COVID-19

3D printed face shield hospital

Like in many other countries all over the world, Belgian front line workers face a shortage of protective medical equipment in the fight against the coronavirus. In this short post, you’ll find out how we are helping our front line workers with protective face shields.

On Sunday 22nd of March my daughter, medical student, got a message through Facebook that a doctor working at a Belgian hospital was desperately looking for protective face shields for the workers of his departement. A few days before, I had seen that a face shield model is being shared among the community of 3D printers.

As we are using 3D-printers to build components for our products, I immediately replied we were able to provide the needed face shield. The same day we started to produce the frames and ordered the stuff to make the accessories.

protective face shield 3D printer
Printing frames of  face shield on 3D printer

A few days later we assembled the face shields and donated them to the hospital.

Assembling 3D printed face shields
Assembling 3D printed face shields

The hospital workers were very pleased and asked for more face shields. So we continued to make additional face shields…

Now we have dedicated one 3D-printer to print the frames of the shields and continue to donate the face shields to our front line workers.

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