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How to install NOOBS for your Raspberry Pi on a micro-SD card

Install NOOBS on SD-card

Time needed: 15 minutes.

This tutorial shows you how to install NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) on a empty microSD card. NOOBS allows you to install your preferred OS on your Raspberry Pi in an easy way. After following this tutorial, NOOBS will be installed on your microSD card and the card will be ready to be inserted in your Raspberry Pi.

  1. Prepare the hardware

    Be sure to have prepared following components:
    – an empty micro-SD card (for optimal performance, we recommend a class 10 card with a minimum of 8GB storage capacity)
    – a micro-SD to SD card adapter (if your PC is not equipped with a microSD card reader)
    – your PC (the tutorial has been setup with a Windows PC), make sure there is enough space to download the NOOBS-image (about 3GB).micro-SD card and adapter

  2. Select the latest NOOBS image

    First we have to select the latest version of NOOBS. You can find all NOOBS images on this web page:
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the latest image:

    webpage with NOOBS images for Raspberry Pi

  3. Download the image

    By clicking on the hyperlink of the selected image, an new index with zip-files appears. Select the “.zip” file (without additional extension!) on the top of the list.
    And the NOOBS image starts downloading…

    NOOBS-image files

  4. Unzip the NOOBS image

    Go to the folder on your PC where the image has been downloaded. Unzip (or extract) the zip-file you just downloaded.


  5. Copy NOOBS to a micro-SD card

    Click on the unzipped NOOBS_vX_X_X folder. You’ll see a number of folders and files. Make sure to select all folders and files and copy them to an empty micro-SD card. Depending of your PC and micro-SD card, this proces can take a few minutes.

    files in NOOBS folder

  6. Insert your micro-SD card into your Raspberry Pi

    That’s it! Once the micro-SD card is ready, you can remove it from your PC and insert it in your Raspberry Pi.

    raspberry pi noobs
    Now you’re ready to easily install your prefered OS on your Raspberry Pi. Take a look at our tutorial “How to install Raspberry Pi OS starting from Noobs” for more explanations.

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