Arduino Uno R3 kitArduino Uno R3 kit
DHT11 humidity and temperature sensorDHT11 humidity and temperature sensor
LED 5 colorsLED 5 colors
active buzzer 5Vactive buzzer 5V
Dupont jumper wiresDupont jumper wires
push buttonspush buttons
light sensitive resistorlight sensitive resistor
Arduono Uno R3 pinoutArduono Uno R3 pinout

Arduino-compatible starter kit: UNO R3 board, breadboard, LEDs, …


A budget friendly basic kit with an Arduino-compatible UNO R3 board to quickly setup your first popular Arduino projects.


Together with your PC, you have all necessary components to setup all kinds of nice and instructive Arduino projects. Thanks to the breadboard there is no soldering necessary.

Install the free Arduino IDE and free driver and you are ready to go!

Kit includes:

1 x Arduino-compatible UNO R3(CH340G) board
1 x 400 points breadboard
10 x male to male jumpers (10cm)
10 x male to female jumpers (10cm)
10 x female to female jumpers (10cm)
10 x male to male jumpers (20cm)
3 x switches, tactile push button: 6x6x5mm 4 pin
1 x potentiometer (0-10k Ohm)
1 x DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
1 x 5V active buzzer
10 x 30 = 300 resistor set (10 Ohm to 1M Ohm)
3 X 5 LED’s: green – blue – red – yellow – white
1 X analog light sensor
1 x USB cable
1 X 9V battery power supply cable
1 x card: Arduino Uno R3 pin layout & resistor colour code map

The Arduino IDE is provided with multiple example sketches which allow you to discover gradually the possibilities of the board. There are also countless tutorials available on the web.

The UNO R3 board is a clone version of the original Arduino UNO board and uses the CH340G USB/UART converter chip. If you haven’t installed it yet, you will need to download and install the proper (free) driver to get going with the development.

Additional information

Weight185 g


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