Raspberry Pi 3B+ (2018) Ultimate starter kit


This premium kit includes all the necessary accessories to be able to start immediately with an extensive range of projects. Insert the preloaded micro SD card and you are ready to go.

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The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is the latest evolution of this already very successful microcomputer!

This 2018 model has a faster processor, a faster WIFI and ethernet connection, new Bluetooth technology and many other small improvements.

In addition to the successful Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ microcontroller, this premium kit includes all the necessary accessories to be able to start with an extensive range of projects. Create your own Media Center, learn programming with Python, experience “retro gaming” with RetroPie, control LEDs from a distance and much more….

The micro SD card is already preloaded with the latest version of NOOBS, so your Raspberry Pi can be started immediately.

The bundle includes:

1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (2018): 4 x USB Ports, 64bit, Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 1.4GHz, Built in WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE
1 x black Raspberry Pi 3 Case
3 x heat sink for Raspberry Pi 3
1 x EU 5V 2,5A power supply
1 x 16GB Class 10 MicroSD (NOOBS latest version preloaded)
1 x 1,5m HDMI cable
1 x 2m Cat6 flat ethernet cable

1 x 400 points breadboard
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 T-Cobbler (40 pins)
1 x 40pin GPIO cable for Raspberry Pi 3
10 x male to male jumpers
10 x male to female jumpers
10 x female to female jumpers
3 x switches, tactile push button: 6x6x5mm 4 pin
1 x potentiometer (0-10k Ohm)
1 x DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
1 x 5V active buzzer
10 x 30 = 300 resistor set (10 Ohm to 1M Ohm)
3 X 5 LED’s: green – blue – red – yellow – white
1 X light sensor
1 x card: Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO header map & resistor colour code map

The kit does not include a manual. There are countless tutorials available on the web.

The microcomputer is the original Raspberry Pi 3 model B + (2018), made in UK.

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