Raspberry PI 4B case : 3D print model


3D-print this versatile Raspberry Pi 4 case right away and it will guarantee maximum passive heat dissipation!

Indeed, closed enclosures such as the official Raspberry Pi 4 case prevent sufficient heat dissipation and practically always lead to CPU performance loss. To prevent this, we developed our own case. Download the stl-files and 3D-print this versatile Raspberry Pi 4 case.




The 3D print model has been especially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 and has following features:

    • an open case helps heat dissipation and thereby avoids loss of performance of the processor (= essential for the Raspberry Pi 4 B!)
    • cut-out for display
    • cut-out for camera
    • cut-out for GPIO-cable
    • wall-mountable
    • DIN rail mountable (with separate supports)
    • a cooling fan can be mounted (30x30x7 mm), only necessary for intensive CPU usage

To mount your Pi into the case you’ll need 4 M2 x 10mm screws. And if you want it really neat, you can put 4 adhesive bumpers at the bottom.

As soon as you checked out, you will be able to download a ZIP-file which contains 2 stl-files. Import these stl-files into your slicer and you’re ready to print. Happy printing !


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