Raspberry PI 4B case with SSD bay


This unique 3D-printed enclosure make it possible to integrate an SSD into your Raspberry Pi 4 setup. On top, the case guarantees maximum passive heat dissipation. A cooling fan can be mounted, but it’s only necessary for intensive CPU usage.

Get rid of your unreliable SD-card and start enjoying the speed of an SSD …



This 3D-printed case has been especially designed to perfectly combine an SSD with your Raspberry Pi 4. It has following features:

    • a well-ventilated case helps heat dissipation and thereby prevents loss of performance of the processor (= essential for the Raspberry Pi 4 B!)
    • SSD bay for typical 2.5-inch Solid State Drives (7mm height)
    • cut-out for display
    • cut-out for camera
    • cut-out for GPIO-cable
    • a cooling fan can be mounted (30x30x7 mm, available as an option), only necessary for intensive CPU usage
    • DIN rail mountable with separate supports (available as an option)

Also included :

  • USB 3.0 type A to SATA III 10cm cable for high-speed data transmission
  • 3 heatsinks for Raspberry Pi 4 with thermal adhesive (easy to mount)
  • 4 screws
  • 4 adhesive bumpers

Excluded :

  • Raspberry Pi 4B board
  • SSD
  • fan (= option)
  • DIN rails supports (= option)


  • An SSD can be used as an extra drive while you continu to use your SD-card for the Operating System. No big issue to implement this setup …
  • It’s also possible to run the Operating System on your SSD. To do this you have to know what you’re doing. So, be careful and  please inquire for more details ! Essentially, there are 2 options possible :
    • Only use your SD-card for the boot process.
    • Change the firmware of your Pi. In this case, you don’t even need a SD-card any more.


Additional information

Weight41 g
Dimensions94 × 63 × 27 mm

-, + fan




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