Raspberry Pi 5 SSD upgrade kit


This unique upgrade kit allows you to integrate easily an SSD into your existing Raspberry Pi 5 setup.

Get rid of your unreliable SD-card now. And start enjoying the speed of an SSD …

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This Raspberry Pi 5 SSD upgrade kit comes with an unique 3D-printed case and SSD to perfectly combine an SSD with your Raspberry Pi.

Connecting an SSD to your Raspberry Pi allows you to have your OS installed on your SSD instead of the micro-SD-card. Besides this, we made the case very versatile. Indeed, it is provided with adhesive bumpers to nicely fit on your desk. But you can also mount it easily on a DIN-rail for industrial applications, on a wall or behind a monitor.


Having the OS installed on an SSD instead of the micro-SD-card has 3 main benefits :

  • Firstly, it will increase the speed of your Pi. Comparing with a standard class 10 micro-SD card, the difference is amazing : 5x faster or even more. Even the fastest micro-SD card is much slower than the SSD.
  • Secondly, the reliability of your setup will improve. Indeed, micro-SD cards are originally made to store pictures, music and video. Using them for the Operating System of your computer is not ideal. The frequent read and write operations makes the micro-SD card the weakest element of your Pi. In many cases this could mean a complete loss of all your work. In contrary, SSD are used in millions of PC or laptops and have proven to be very reliable.
  • Last but not least, the storage capacity of an SSD is in general much higher than the capacity of a micro-SD card. With this upgrade kit you get an 120GB SSD. A starter kit with micro-SD card offers in general only 8, 16 or 32GB.

Raspberry Pi 5 case with SSD slot features

  • plenty of ventilation slots to help heat dissipation and thereby avoiding loss of performance of the processor
  • SSD slot for typical 2.5-inch Solid State Drives (7mm height)
  • compatible with Raspberry Pi official active cooler solution (optional, please select)
  • cut-outs for display, camera, PCI express and GPIO-cable
  • wall-mountable
  • DIN-rail mountable (vertical or horizontal) with separate supports
  • easily mountable on the back of a monitor with our 3D-printed VESA Monitor mount

As can be seen, the Raspberry Pi official active cooler solution is optional. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended. And no worries, it is very easy to mount and to connect. Once in use, the fan is really quite.


  • 3D-printed enclosure
  • Kingston A400 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • USB 3.0 type A to SATA III 10cm cable for high-speed data transmission
  • 4 screws
  • 4 adhesive bumpers
  • Raspberry Pi official active cooler solution (optional, please select)
  • Raspberry Pi official 5V 5A power supply (optional, please select)

All parts are super simple to assemble.


  • Raspberry Pi 5 board


  • The SSD can also be used as an extra drive while you continu to use your SD-card for the Operating System.
  • It’s a better option to run the Operating System of your Raspberry Pi on the SSD. In this case, you need to change your Pi’s firmware. Visit our tutorials “Raspberry Pi firmware update” and “How to install an OS on an SSD with the Raspberry Pi Imager” to find out how. And once done, you don’t need a microSD card any more.
  • We 3D-print our self-developed cases in our own lab. To print the cases, we use PLA, an eco-friendly raw material.
  • We developed this setup to avoid the use of a micro-SD-card. However, you can still use a micro-SD-card, but you’ll need to open the enclosure to change the card.

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Home Assistant (64-bit), Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit), Ubuntu Desktop (64-bit), blank




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