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How to update your Raspberry Pi to the latest version

raspberry pi update upgrade

In this short tutorial we’ll see how easy it is to update your Raspberry Pi to the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Once you have ended this tutorial, you Raspberry Pi will be up to date with the operation system’s latest version.

As we will download files from the internet, you need a good internet connection of course.

  1. Open the terminal window

    Click on the terminal icon on the taskbar (left upper corner of your screen), a terminal window will appear.

    Raspberry Pi terminal icon

  2. Enter : sudo apt update

    to update the system’s package list .

  3. Enter : sudo apt full-upgrade

    to upgrade all packages.

  4. Enter : sudo reboot

    reboot your Pi in order for the changes to take effect.

That’s it! Your Raspberry Pi is up to date with the latest version now!


Depending on your connection, the entire process will take some time. Don’t be surprised it takes more then 10 minutes.

By doing this operation regularly, you keep your Raspberry Pi always up to date. That’s why you don’t need to download and reinstall a complete new image file when there is new release.

Visit the the official Raspberry Pi OS documentation for more information : “Updating and upgrading Raspberry Pi OS”.

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